St. Philip Neri (1515 – 1595)

The Happy Saint a.k.a. the Second Apostle of Rome

Saint Philip was known for his joyful spirit and ready laughter. He attracted thousands of faithful followers to return to the practice of their faith by presenting God as one who loved and cared for them and wanted them to be happy. Many times he would simply stand on the street corners and just talk to people. His common greeting was, “Well, brothers, when shall we begin to do good?”

He was a man of deep prayer – utter simplicity and complete trust in God’s goodness. One time he was very sick and two doctors were in his room taking care of him. Suddenly he saw the Blessed Mother before him and he stretched up excitedly to embrace her, exclaiming how beautiful she was. One of the doctors tried to push him back down on the bed thinking he was delirious, but he exclaimed, “Would you not have me embrace my holy Mother who came to visit me?”. Then he realised that they did not see her, and embarrassed by his display he hid his head under the sheets.

He had many mystical experiences – healed many that came to him and counselled thousands of others to lead lives of greater holiness. If you desire to follow God with complete abandon and trust, to live your life filled with joy, laughter and love ask Saint Philip to help you. I know he will be happy to do it!

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